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The Vols Spirit and Historic Marble City inspire our business located in the heart of Downtown Knoxville, UT campus.

Orange Nail Spa is setting a new sanitation standard by investing in the most advanced equipment and strictly following state guidelines and requirements.

Every team member strives to provide a friendly, welcoming environment while providing a customized experience for each client.

About Us

Our team has gained immense popularity and support as we’ve been serving the Knoxville Greater Area since 2016.

Our newest addition, Orange Nail Spa is leading the new techniques and products of the industry by practicing the latest contemporary treatments using premium product lines with an added focus on style.

Our salon is proud to be the first nail salon in Knoxville to use the patented built-in jet liners, an innovative invention to help eliminate possible cross-contamination. We are also the first in Tennessee to use products that are used for Medical Pedicures, the latest trend in the industry.


Nestle in the Heart of Downtown Knoxville, UT campus, We are motivated and inspired by the Spirit of The Volunteers and historic Marble City. 

Orange Nail Spa is leading in the industry’s latest techniques and products, practicing the latest contemporary treatments using premium and top of the line products with an added focus on Style.

Our salon is proud to be the first Nail Salon in Knoxville to use Contego Spa Pedicure Chairs, the patented built-in Jet-liners, an innovative invention to help eliminate possible cross-contamination.

We are dedicated to providing a friendly and welcoming environment with a custom tailored experience for every client.

Detox Foot Soak
Foot Soak 20-25 minutes
Immerse your feet in our exclusive blend of Oriental Herbs, including 36 valuable herbs: Turmeric, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum. Rose, Dried Lemon, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Elephantopus Scaber…This soaking is believed to help soothe and relax your muscles and joints, support blood circulation and relieve aches and pains.
Spa Pedicures
Orange Nail Spa is proud to be the first salon in Knoxville to use Contego Spa Designs Inc., PediSpa Chair. This unique chair was designed with patented technology that includes a disposable foot spa system called the Contego 100% Disposable Jet-Liner. The Contego Disposable Jet-Liner protects each and every client from possible cross-contamination. Both the jet and the liner are disposed of after the service is complete, and every new service begins with a new Disposable Jet-Liner. You no longer have to give up the luxurious water massage they receive from the traditional foot spa jets because of concerns over safety and hygiene.
Marble City ( P#1 ) 35-45 minutes
Balance your feet and relax from your soles up as your feet and lower legs are soothed and stimulated by the spa pedicure. This includes foot soak, nail reshaping, trimming, sugar scrub exfoliation, callus removal, and foot massage with our unique moisturizers, and finishes with your choice of color.
Rocky Top ( P#2 ) 50-55 minutes
Ease your feet into an aromatic, natural-based mineral soak, nail reshaping and cuticle detailing, buffering to a healthy shine, sugar scrub exfoliation, callus removal, body butter cream treatment with warm towels, followed by a 10-minute tension-relieving hot stone foot massage, moisturizing your feet with an anti-aging collagen wrap, and finishing with your choice of color.
Signature Pedicure (Medical VIP Package) (P#3) 60-65 minutes
This is a deluxe pedicure with a tension-relieving foot massage using hot stones and an exclusive Herbal foot soak with special products developed by Anti-Aging Laboratories LLC and used for Medical Pedicures. These products help to enhance circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve aches and joint pains. Collagen wraps help moisturize and have an anti-aging effect on your feet and skin. This treatment is not for relaxation only, it carries healing effects.
Spa Manicures
Spa Manicure
Spa Collagen Manicure
Gel Manicure
Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Set
with gel polish $55
Acrylic Fill
with gel polish $45
Acrylic/Gel Polish Change
Acrylic /Gel Removal
Nail Repair
Enhance Nail Length/Shape
Liquid Gel or Gel Nails
Liquid Gel, Non-odor Color Acrylic
Full Set of Liquid Gel
with gel color $60
Liquid Gel Fill-in
with gel color $50
Gel Pink & White Set
Gel Pink & White Fill
Bio Gel Nail New Set
fill in $60
Dipping powder Nails
Dip Removal
Dip Full Set
(On Natural Nails)
Dip Full Set w/ Removal
Dip Full Set w/ Extensions
Dip French
Dip Ombre
Polished Princess
(Age 10 and under)
Polish Change Hands
Gel Polish Change Hands
with take-off $30
Polish Change Feet
Gel Polish Change Feet
with take-off $30
Nail Repair
French Polish
Nail Art Design
Buff & Shine
Long Wear Polish
Add Chrome Polish
Add Mermaid Gel Polish
Waxing and Threading
Upper Lip
Full Face
Eyelash Extensions
Full Set Cluster
Full Set Individual


"I've been coming to Vols Nail Spa for over a year now, and I couldn't be happier with the service! The staff is incredibly talented and always goes above and beyond to make sure I leave feeling pampered. Not to mention, the salon itself is so elegant and inviting. I highly recommend Orange Nail Spa to anyone looking for a top-notch nail care experience!"
Sarah M.
"I'm usually quite particular about hygiene, especially when it comes to nail salons. But Orange Nail Spa impressed me with their commitment to cleanliness and safety. I felt completely at ease during my visit, knowing that they prioritized hygiene. Plus, the staff is so friendly and welcoming, making every visit a delight!"
Emily L.
"I'm always on the lookout for new nail trends, and Orange Nail Spa never disappoints! Their innovative services and talented nail technicians constantly amaze me. Whether I'm in the mood for a simple manicure or a bold nail art design, they always deliver with precision and creativity. Orange Nail Spa has become my go-to spot for all things nails!"
Jessica H.



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